About dpaste.org

This site is powered by dpaste, an open source pastebin application. You can find the source code, contribute to it or leave feedback on Github.

dpaste provides an API to easily paste snippets out of your shell or editor. See the dpaste docs for the API documentation and a list of available plugins.

All snippets can be deleted by everyone! Click the "Delete Now" link on the related snippet page. If you deleted a snippet due to legal issues, please let me know. I like to keep track of this and prevent it in first place.

Privacy Statement:

dpaste.org does not track user behavior and does not collect personal user information other than your IP address in an error logfile, to identify faults with the website. Logfiles are stored for one year.

The site does not load any external resources.

The site may set a cookie to display your recently used highlight setting and a list of your recent snippets. Feel free to block cookies, the site is fully usable nonetheless.


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