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Alt Censored Podcast 010 - Monday 14 Nov 2022

Video Link -
Audio Link -

* Host: Charliebrownau
* Guests: Ryu
* Rated: G - No Racial Slurs, no Swearing
* Length 45 minutes-1hr

Welcome Ryu to the podcast

You can follow Ryu on JoshwhoTV at
You can follow Ryu on Mastodon at

My Recent Video I uploaded
Tech Tutorial - How to download Odysee clips - 08 Nov 2022
* JoshwhoTV -
* CorderTV - CorderTV -

Alt Knowledge

* Feet Grounding - No Shoes
- clip - Effect of Grounding on Blood

* Article - Does Distilling Water Remove Fluoride? Casey J Krol
- ' Boiling tap water doesnt reomove it , you need to distill it'
- ' Distilling water DOES remove fluoride '

Segment - Primary Water

The Truth on Primary Water and how we are never running out of water - New water for a thirsty world

What is Primary Water? 1985 Interview with Dr. Stephan Riess

What is Primary Water? Pal Pauer in Nevada City

Drilling a Primary Water Well - Jamestown California

Segment - Methanol + Biodiesel instead of ((( PETROL)))

Video - 1701 Methanol - The 'Best' Fuel We've Got

* German Nazis used Methanol instead of ((( PETROL)))
* Methanol is distilled Wood gas or biowaste
* Methanol is used to make Formaldehyde
* EU Union banned Methanol
* Push for marine/boats to use Methanol
* Methanol: heaters exist
* Methanol Stoves

How to Make Methanol: Fuel When You Need It | Survival-Mastery
- You can use wood or vegetable scraps/compost

DIY Home Biodiesel Production: Make Your Own Fuel

How to Become a TRADITIONAL WIFE 30/Aug/2021 (Cynthia L)

#Homemaker #Wife #Femime #BilogicalClock
#Family #Cooking #Cleaning #Plainclothes
#Marriage #Virgin #Patroracy #Nationalist #Tradationalism
#Homestead #Prepping #Off-Grid #European

10 Tips for Young Traditional Women
( Mrs Midwest)

#Homemaker #Wife #Femime #BilogicalClock
#Family #Cooking #Cleaning #Plainclothes
#Marriage #Virgin #Patroracy #Nationalist #Tradationalism
#Homestead #Prepping #Off-Grid #European

Open Source Programs/Linux :

Add Progress Bar Output to Native Linux Copy (cp) and Move (mv) Commands

CLI Tools - Thanks RYO
Text2PDF - via
Markdown2PDF -
RTF to PDF -

Penkesu Computer - A Homebrew Retro-style Handheld PC
retro-style handheld device powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W,
a 7.9 inch widescreen display (1280 x 400 resolution),
and a 48-key ortholinear mechanical keyboard.

Snap Store administrators removed signal-desktop from Ubuntu Snap (

Mozilla Launches Venture Fund to Fuel Responsible Tech Companies

parole media player vs smplayer
'reqiures' dbus - + Glib + Gstreamer + libxfce4ui

XFCE is still mailing list

LXQt 1.2.0 release is recently out

Easily Migrate from Linux to FreeBSD

Quanta - Federated Micro Blogging + Wiki + Collab editing + social media

CLI VHS - CLI video recorder
os , apk , linux -

Latest Gentoo release running an 11 year old kernel v2.6.39

Disabling the Intel Management Engine (

Lightning Talk: Serving Security Updates to Every Linux Server in the World

Tutorial: How Optical Networking Transformed Our World

Transfer files between Windows and Linux

Ansible role to migrate Debian to Devuan

Ansible for the non-interactive migration of Debian 11 "Bullseye" to Devuan 4 "Chimaera"

Censorship and Alt Tech

* Search engine blog post

* Entropy censoring ppl
The Morning Constitutional: 10/19/2022
- hqwebsite + VillainousJack

* Video - Evidence of ISP Level Internet Censorship Happening to Dissident Right Websites - Hexagod


* Video - Telegram founder Pavel Durov: WhatsApp “Surveillance Tool” For 13 Years

* Stripe laying off around 14% of workforce (

* Former Uber Security chief found guilty
Former Uber chief security officer Joe Sullivan has been found guilty of charges that he covered up a 2016 cyberattack
where a hacker downloaded the personal information of more than 57 million people.

Mastodon / Fediverse/activitypub

Blog Post -
The Fediverse is Inefficient (but that's a good trade-off)

Shut it Down :

ADL warns Elon against restoring the following specific accounts

List -
* White Nationalist - David Duke
* Civnat First - Nick F
* Controlled Disinfo - Alex Jones
* Christian zionist - Steve Bannon
* Anti White mixed race - Andrew tate

Musk memes
Before twatter, after twatter

* REE / Shut it down
Use of goyim increasing after aug 2022 -

* NZ wrong think police squad -

* Did Elon Just Admit He Wants to Turn Twitter into the World's Largest Surveillance Tool?

* Elon Musk Vows to Crackdown Even Harder on Hate Speech: “The ADL Will Moderate Twitter”

* Gundam and anime replace rampant politics in Japanese Twitter Trends
once Japanese Twitter curation team were fired

* UK goverment scanning the internet to keep disinformation away from citizens to keep us safe
Warning: the UK government is scanning
what it considers to be the “whole internet”
or at least what it believes the UK is part of

They give you the option to “OPT-OUT” but we all know governments dont adhere to privacy requests
are you a server administrator? you can block these easily:
sudo iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP sudo iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP

All connections are made using one of two IP addresses:
IP addresses are also both assigned to

Goverment - Canada

EXPOSED: $105 million Liberal Cuckada
partnership with WEF laid bare

Goverment - Brazil:

* Brazil Rigged Elections

Four North Areas support Welfare and Commies ,
Bottom areas are 'right wing' and 'populism'
- THE FOURTEEN WORDS PODCAST EP. 89 - 05NOV2022 The Based Brazilian
#Brazil #Based #Commies #Rigged #Election #Blacks #Rio

13 Aug 2022 - Brazil's firearm ownership booms, and gun laws loosen,
under 'Right Wing populism' President Bolsonaro

Bad guys can buy guns
without permit
without license
without registration
without ammo/parts limit

Lets outlaw Murder,
well non baby murder,
mass murdering babies is still okay
#Self-Defense #bad-guys #illegals #homicide #criminals #Government #License #regulation #Brazil

Corporations and Courts - Australia

- The ACCC has instituted Federal Court proceedings against
Dell Australia Pty Limited (Dell Australia)
for allegedly making false or misleading representations regarding the price of monitors
that consumers could add on to purchases of Dell computers.

The ACCC alleges the monitors were not sold for the ‘strikethrough’ price
for most of the relevant time and, in some cases,
the add-on price shown was more expensive
than if the monitor was bought on a stand-alone basis.

- Starlink will start throttling internet for residential customers who use more than 1TB
of Priority Access data per month during peak hours beginning in December 2022.
Customers will start each billing cycle with an allocation of Priority Access data
for use between 7 AM and 11 PM.

Usage outside those hours doesn't count towards the 1TB cap.
Customers' data will be deprioritized for the rest of the month if they exceed the cap.
Extra Priority Access data can be purchased for 25 cents per GB.

7 'news' 'Australia' - 5th poison jab for goyim
#5th #Poison #BigphamaPimp #Plandemic #Goyim
#kill-yourself #suicide #mass-murder #Government
#NWO #Agenda21 #Great-reset #boomers #convid

CHOICE raises concern over Bunnings, Kmart
and the Good Guys use of facial recognition technology
"Using facial recognition technology in this way is similar to Kmart, Bunnings or The Good Guys
collecting your fingerprints or DNA every time you shop

* Goverment - UK:

First week in office, the un elected Indian
Rishi Sunak the UK PM (Oct 2022) - Announces One World Currency

* Agenda 21 2030-2035-2055 - One World Government
* CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currencies (aka Digital World "Currency")
via ((( Central bank of England )))
* G7 - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA plus EU Union)
(IMF/Liberal Democracies/representative government)
At least you didn't have a White Straight Nationalist Male in power in UK......
#Banker-Bought #WEF #UN #Agenda21 #Surveillance #UK #Israel #USA
#Central-Bank #Government #G7 #CBDC #Safe #Secure #Climate #Green

Rishi Sunak rushed out of COP27 conference in Egypt.
Hours later head of UK Rothschild family is dead!!

Dia 136 - Mark Collett Discusses Censorship,
The State of Our Men & Nationalism at Large [DiaLatina]
* Bitchute -
* Bitchute DDL -
* Mirror on Odysee -
#Japan #England #Australia #Censorship #men #Males #beta #delta #gamma
#Demographics #Christian #race #ethnic #civic-nationalism

UK Police - Dont take action against
International eco green terrorists
Let 'us' do our 'job'

UK Police Beg Public To Not Tackle Green Extremist
Video -
Mainstream -
Twatter -

* Goverment - China

Marriage is no longer considered the be-all and end-all for many women in China.
public policies, such as the recently instituted one-month “cooling off period” for couples seeking a divorce.
Last year, almost 20 per cent of married women said they regret getting married, compared with 12 per cent in 2017 and 9 per cent in 2012,
the annual China Beautiful Life Survey found. Only about 7 per cent of men said they regret getting married.
China has witnessed a steadily rising number of divorces and falling number of marriages in the past decade.

Chinese Tech Firm Mounts Drone On Car And Flies It


Clip - Patriotic Weekly with JF
We are being shafted at both ends by the Tories!

Piss offed Netherlands guy, speaks truth


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