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Alt Censored Podcast 008 - 26 Sept 2022

Gday Gday Gday Everyone
Thank you for tuning in today for the 8th Alt censored podcast

This is the Alt Censored Podcast 008
Your Host Charliebrownau
Todays Date: Monday 26 Sept 2022

Today's show should run for about about 1 hour

You can follow the podcast show over on


Alt censored 008

Alt Censored 008 Podcast
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Previous Show

Alt Censored 007 Podcast
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Todays Show will cover

* Ding Dong the witch is dead
* Open source video transmission 4km
* IRS Wants To Shut Down MGTOW.TV
* Arabs in Iran finally see what censorship is like with signal
* China offers video card solution in 2025 (3 years time)
* Sweden Documentary: The First European ((( Sharia ))) Nation
* Muslim and Hindu Region Violence in White England
* System polutes the water way system to justify pre planned solution in Canda

* Upcoming privacy video annoucment

Ding Dong the witch is dead

Queen Apprently died in Sept 2022
Australian Supermarket Coles wanted everyone to stand for sileince
It became a state enforced public holiday of passing

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Anti Whites

((((J)))udge let’s serial Mexican rapist migrant go free , after knocking up a White 9 year old girl

When The Killer Is White vs Non-white

Environmental Agents in Hazmat Suits caught Poisoning Fish in New Brunswick River , Canada - 08 Sept 2022

RGE - Vegan Restaurant Sells MEAT to Stay in Business!

Great News
Reality forces vegan food place to sell meat
Plandemic forced them to change
go broke
sell meat

Peta Black Female - Sex ban for men who eat Men - Toxic Masculinity & killing the "planet"
Men limited to have sex with angry vegans
If men didn't need another reason to walk away from
Latest anti white thing

Alex (((Stein))) Shuts Down Infowars Guest For Exposing Homosex
close it down
goyim know
no mentioning the jew

Alt Kike

Anti White "Woke Duck Duck Go drops below 100M searches per day and dropping" (((Barry Schwartz)))

Patreon Lays off 17% of Staff (
" Today I announced a layoff at Patreon of 80 people, or about 17% of our teammates "

I made a Google sheet of local elections and it's been removed from Google Drive
((melody joy kramer))) bitching about jewogle censoring

Switched to Judaism gets Censored by Jewtube, refuses to promote and migrate to alttech/self hosting
WTH YouTube? | Queen Wiciwici may be after me again!


YouTube CEO (((Susan Wojcicki))) Falsely Claims To Champion Free Speech
- [TTOR]
#Censortube #Susan-Wojcicki #hate-speech #fact-checkers
#Shutitdown #GoyimKnow #EverySingleTime
#Alt-Tech #JoshwhoTV #Peertube #CorderTV

Uber Has Been Hacked

Good news
people might look into taxis with phsyical cash

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Enhanced Spellcheck Feature Exposes Passwords

AT&T Charges customers to update reverse DNS

9 million Australians affected by Optus data breach

This is why
- I don't use my real name
- I don't register online
- I don't use the cloud
- I don't go on a plan
- I do - pay by cash + physical stores
- I use - prepaid packages
#Corrupt #corporation #Australia #mobile #smart #optus #Security #data #leak #cyberattack

Microsoft gets copies of your passwords and other private information you in on a website
because it sends it to Microsoft servers to do spell checks.

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WTF Goverment

Another Conspiracy ((( Theory ))) became Conspiracy Reality
' 8 Million People in the "Smart State" of NSW
- Smart Three Cities (Sydney + New Castle + Wollongong)
Expanding to 6 cities including ((( Universities )))
, networking together as an Urban Hub'

Video - True Colors Revealed, it's no longer a conspiracy....SMART CITIES,-It's-No-Longer-A-Conspiracy:6
#GoyimWillOwnNothingandbeHappy #Agenda21
#plandemic #Smart-cities #WEF #Great-Reset
#2030 #Government #Australia #UN #NSW #ESG

U.S. appeals court rejects big tech's right to regulate online speech

Arabs in Iran finally see what censorship is like with signal
Creating a Signal Proxy To Bypass Iranian Censorship (TLS proxy)

Finally! Ballet Liberated From European Racist Colonialism "White Supremecy'

AOC blames captialism for low birth rate, solution more non white replacement imports

Britain to get more immigrants – government

Radio climate activist demands others stop using planes for trips
while admitting he recently flew on a plane for a holiday trip

RGE Video - College Costs Skyrocket as Degree Value Plummets!
you have instead On Job Training and
TRADES (Apprenticeship + Local Trade School)
#Bloat #Universities #College #Education #System #Certificates #Business #Western-System

State schools keep on alligning with Anti White Zionist State System
- year 4 students 'punished' for refusal to pander to mentally ill and pronoun pedos

Home schooling
Community School
Not the state
Not the region
Parents and Family should be teaching
not the Anti white statist system
school shouldnt be tax cattle funded DAYCARE
while women are working a 'carreer'

YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT HE SAYS ABOUT MEAT (change our genetics to reject meat)
they will make people intorrant for meat
not them thou

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Judeo Christianity and Christian ((( NATIONALISM)))

Andrew Torba is mocking non-nationalist Christians

Gab DDOS attacked by ((( IP RANGE )))
- Maybe they need Crowdsec

Your not a real [insert shaming] to force complance and action to 'fix' a 'issue/group'
Pick Up Your Balls (((( Christian ))) Men.. Now is The Time
Drinks, swears, still on twatter , enjoys ((( Sports))), not going to ((( judge))) anyone

((( Government ))) orders Christian ministry to hire non-Christian to lead lessons
Diversity finally comes for those who support it


Debian 11.5 released (codename "bullseye")

Twatter annoucement via nixcraft -

You can get the ISO for Debian 11.5 with non free firmware and LIVE BOOT mode at

Ive got a video about Installing Debian 11.3 , which was uploaded on 30/May/2022
on JoshwhoTV at -

Appimages I frequently use on Linux are :-
- Libre office
- Digikam
- Unjewogled Chromium
- Delta Chat
- Shot cut Video editor
- Etcher
- Libre Wolf Browser
- KeepPassXC
- Audacity
- Lagrange
- Leafpad

Mullvad company behind Mullvad VPN now releases hardware enycption device

apt-offline - Install + update Debian offline without internet

Mumble v1.4.287 released

Debian GNU/Linux 12 “Bookworm”
Support for new ARM devices has been added as well, including the Banana Pi BPI M2 Ultra,
ODROID-C4, ODROID-HC4, ODROID-N2, and ODROID-N2+ single-board computers,
the Librem 5r4 (Evergreen) Linux smartphone from Purism,
as well as the MNT Reform Version 2 modular laptop.

New RISC-V devices are supported as well, including the SiFive HiFive Unmatched and
BeagleV Starlight Beta, as well as the Microchip PolarFire-SoC Icicle Kit,
a low-cost development platform that enables evaluation of the 5-core Linux capable RISC-V microprocessor subsystem.
Debian Bookworm is expected in USA summer 2023

Frame Work Announcement -


I don’t care about cookies

Audacity 3.2 is here almost a year after the Audacity 3.1 series and it introduces several exciting new features like real-time effects for
the Audio Units, LADSPA, LV2, and VST3 plugins, support for VST3 effects,
support for the WavPack open audio compression format, as well as support for the latest FFmpeg 5.0 multimedia framework

Arch devs announced today that Python 2 is no longer available in the official Arch Linux repositories

Firefox 105 (Released) September 20th, 2022

LibreWolf 105.0.1-1 released
Appimage -

Ventoy 1.0.80 Adds Secondary Boot Menu, Now Supports More Than 1000 ISOs
Ventoy 1.0.80

LibreOffice 7.4.1 Office Suite

digiKam 7.8 Open-Source Digital Photo Manager Released with New Camera Support, More
Features an updated internal RAW processor based on libraw 2022-07-14, which adds support for new cameras like
Canon EOS R3, Canon EOS R7, Canon EOS R10, Fujifilm X-H2S, Fujifilm X-T30 II, Olympus System OM-1,
Leica M11, Sony A7-IV, DJI Mavic 3, and Nikon Z9.

digiKam 7.8 is available for download as an AppImage

* Hugo Actually Explained (Luke Smith Peertube)

* Article - The Future of NGINX: Getting Back to Our Open Source Roots

* program - ytDownloader - github

* program - WSysMon - Windows style task manager

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China's Domestic 7nm Gaming GPU Should Arrive in 2025

((( CYPTO )))

((( Coinbase ))) is reportedly selling geolocation data to ICE (

A message from Coinbase CEO and Cofounder, Brian Armstrong.
by Coinbase. Jun, 2022. The Coinbase Blog.14 Jun 2022

Coinbase lays off 18 percent of staff as CEO says, “We grew too quickly”

Coinbase Global is planning to cut about 1,100 jobs

Two jews working at coinbase
Rebecca Kacherginsky and peter Kacherginsky
(( SMART CONTACT)) with ((( NTF)) with ((( COINBASE)) and ((( CYPTO))

Cypto Exchange Info

Podcast - Security Weekly
Show notes -
Video -


Video - WEF presentation from 2015 explaining how to change the human genome using mRNA'
* JHTV -
* Jewysee -

* All Jabs, potions and pills are poison
* No 'cancer' existed before 'vaccines'

They pollute and poison our
- History
- Minds
- Knowledge
- Information
- Society
- Food
- Dirt
- Water
- Air
- Sky
#WEF #UN #Agenda21 #Plandemic #government #Bigphama
#Anti-White #goyim #judeochristianvalues #judeo-mainstream #Neo-demoracy

Alt History

Jewish Slave Trade of Blacks


* David Duke - The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery - What Jewish Historians Say


#Africa #Slave-Trade #Black #Jewish
#Jew #Zionism #Judaism #Israel #NWO
#White-Blame #White-Guilt #White-Shame

Outside the Mainstream - Flat Realm/Old World/Stateless Society

Our Reality Has Become An Insane Asylum
- One Gigantic Vampiric System
#system #Vampiric #slavery #statistm #Goverment #demoracy
#brainwashing #mindcontrol #dont-reject #goyim #realm #pattern
#no-critical-thinking #listenandrepeat #conform #comply #Solution

What is Government

Legitimate Government?
#Statism #Government #Dictatorship #Authoritarianism #Tax-cattle #Mafia #force #NWO #500-years

Japanese create power using deep sea turbines

STHF/Offgrid/different power sources


DIY sundial

I couldn't find the 3 part van video - Check these out instead

Candle Convection Heater- Winter Camping with my Off-Grid Stove! (Snowmobile Camper Series) [ The Outsider]

Van Build TIME LAPSE (Organized and Inexpensive) [ Outdoors Embrace]

The Benefits of Healthy Spit (Saliva) for Teeth, Gums and Breath

DIY toothpaste
- Baking Soda
- Coconut Oil
- Hydrogen peroxide/H2O2 3 percent food grade
- Clove/cinnamon

Other recipe DIY Toothpaste
Video here -
- Charcoal
- Salt
- Baking Soda
- Coconut Oil
- Activated Charcoal

Video - 1800's Small Towns - 200 Years Before "Mayberry"
- The Self Sufficient Small Town Of Early America

No Police
No Government
No Banks
No Corporations

Self Reliance
Local Farms
Local Producing
Local Manufacturing
Built to last
Barter + Swapping + Borrowing + Sharing + Charity
Interest Free Community Loans
#Localism #Community #Small-Town #Ethnocentric

How we pressure can bacon. (Hippie Hill Homestead)

How to Make a Bacon Fat Candle (Jar + Twine + Bacon Greese)
( Finding Self Reliance - 17 Feb 2017)

Baofang Radio CompareChart

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Diet - Keto/LowCarb/Carnavore

Association between meatless diet and depressive episodes (


New study finds seven times more black people per population are in prison – in the US number is just four times as many

Italy 'elects' an 'far right female' to power
Giorgia Meloni - first female PM
Brothers of Italy, a national conservative party in Italy

She is opposed to abortion, to euthanasia and to partnerships, marriages, and parenting by same-sex couples,
instead supporting nuclear families.
Opposed to the reception of non-European migrants and multiculturalism,
she has been accused of xenophobia and Islamophobia.

supporter of NATO,
she maintains Eurosceptic views regarding the European Union,
and was in favor of better relations with Russia before the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine which she condemned,
pledging to keep sending arms to Ukraine.

She has expressed controversial views, such as praising Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in 1996,
and Giorgio Almirante in 2020, a Nazi collaborator and co-founder of MSI.

Muslim and Hindu Region Violence in White England

BBC UK News - Muslim and Hindu Region Violence in White England
"Disorder" broke out at the weekend,
between people from parts of the Muslim and Hindu communities

Chaos On The Streets of Leicester | Renew Britannia - 22/09/22

Ingrid Carlqvist – State of Sweden Documentary: The First European ((( Sharia ))) Nation?–-State-of-Sweden-Documentary-The-First-European-Sharia-Nation:4

Video - RedIce - dIvErSiTy iS oUr StReNgTh
Multi Ethnic Groups result into lower trust, high crime ,
and lowers neighborly exchange and less social cohesion

Who knew - almost it was a tool against ((( GOYIM ))) and WHITES
all along

UK Neo Conservatives - White Straight Men NOT Welcome - Mark Collett
#Neo-Democracy #Neo-Liberalism #Neo-Feminism #Neo-Conservatism
#Neo-Agenda21 #2030 #WEF #UN #Mass-Replacement #Birth-Rates
#Abortion #No-Fault-Divorce #Neo-multiculturalism #Diversity #UK

((( Anne Frank )))) book on the list to be banned in Texas for ((( STATE ))) (((schools )))

The Queen's Death Exposes Britain's Racial Divide's-Death-Exposes-Britain's-Racial-Divide:c
#Culture #Heritage #history #UK #White #British
#Queen #Royals #English #Anti-White #Free-Masons
#Multi-Cultural #White-Replacement #Mass-Replacement

Germany greens party plan to ban native Germans from a third of jobs to promote diversity
In the name of promoting “diversity,” ruling Greens in the German the city of Hanover
plan to ban a third of native citizens
from applying for government jobs so they can be given to migrants.

Accused supporter of Adelaide neo-Nazi movement Cameron Brodie-Hall applies for home detention bail
European Australian Movement
She said Mr Brodie-Hall told police after his arrest that he was part of the European Australia movement,
which was about "preserving white Australia".

Manufactured antisemitism, as in CONTROLLED OPOSITION
- Mordechai Levy head of the ADL

No one lost their bank account for raping
yet you get it for being pro white

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Special Segment

Segment - Open Source Video Transmission

WFB-NG (supports LRS 815/915) (H264/h265)


5.8ghz wifi adapters + Pi

Mens Rights/MRA/MGTOW/Going own way

The IRS Wants To Shut Down MGTOW.TV


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