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Alt Censored Podcast 007 - 23 Aug 2022

Gday Gday Gday Everyone
Thank you for tuning in today for the 67h Alt censored podcast

White Power for White Race

Earth is a Flat Realm

This is the Alt Censored Podcast 007
Your Host Charliebrownau
Your Guest Josh from JoshwhoTV
Todays Date: Sunday 28 Aug 2022

Todays show will run for about about 2 hours

You can follow the podcast show over on

Delta Chat:

Previous Show

Alt Censored 006 Podcast – SHTF
* JoshwhoTV Video :-
* Spreaker :-
* Shownotes :-

Todays Show will cover

Topics as :_ Digital Radio Frequencies including

* LORA – Digital Texting 1 to 4km - 433MHZ
* GMRS Radio
* Wireless Video Transmission - 915/836MHZ - Express LRS

Next Show
Alt Censored Podcast 008 - Sunday 25 Sept 2022

Recommended Videos

* Censorship + Alt Tech Talk - TTOR and Charliebrownau - Sun 14 Aug 2022

* Video :- Ant! Rac!s$ H!tl3r - 0p3n Bord3rs for Isra4l
#D$vers!ty #Mu$t!cultural!sm #Race #Identity #Nat1onalism
#patr10tism #0p4n-b0rd3rs

* free video
* free streaming
* free re streaming
* free jitsi meeting


Exposing Controlled Opposition

Video - Alex Jones Exposed - IA/CIA/Mossad (Slammdcrxx) (Odysee)
#Alex-Jones #IA #cia #Mossad #Dis-infowars
#NWO #agenda21 #controlled -Opposition #brainwashing #Miss-Direction

* Jordan Peterstein Dismantled (NWO Zio shill/Kosher Controlled Opposition)
#Anti- White #Shill #Controlled-Opposition #NWO #Agenda21 #UN

* Exposed Wikileaks Julian Assange - A Zionist Operation
#Operating-mockingbird #Controlled-Opposition #Dis-info #Wikileaks #9-11 #m0ssad #Isra3l #j3ws

* Del Bigtree exposed
- The Tricksters are Darkside Magicians


One Nation party is kiked and Anti white

- One Nation MP Sarah Game backs push for ban on public display of swastika symbol in South Australia
it will prevent ((( Anti Semitism )))

Diversity eats its own

Lesbians getting kicked out of ((( PRIDE ))) march .... for your 'safety'

sidenote - Also Lesbians -

Ad - Libre Wolf - Whats better then a fox its a wolf

LibreWolf is a secirty and privacy focused fork of Firefox
without the tracking, spying and crud that default firefox offers
Goto today to download this great browser
for Windows or Linux
Available as appimage or portable app if your still using windows
both from gitlab file repo -
We love and use Libre Wolf at the Alt censored podcast -

Government/Anti White System

* Russell Rappel-Schmid - Data Chief for the Postal Regulatory Commission admits to being a pedophile

* 16-Feb-2022
Russell Rappel-Schmid Named Postal Regulatory Commission Chief Data Officer

* Video - {Joe Biden} Plans for an Endless Stream of Non-White Immigrants
to Make Whites a Minority - "its a good thing'
/ 'Diversity' (non whites) is our 'strength' (Weapon against whitey) -
Biden 'I-Am-A-Zionist' -

#Joe-Biden #Zionist #Kike #Anti-White #Mass-Migration #Mass-REPLACEMENT
#Non-White #Diversity #Neo-Conservatism #Neo-Liberalism #Neo-Democracy
#Statism #Government #Federal #Agenda21 #2030 #NWO #Hart-Cellar-Act

* Jewish "professor' at ((( Harvard )))
Ablish the white race by ANY MEANS NECESSARY

* ((( Art))) 'teacher' fired — let students pose topless, simulate masturbation on camera

* Seattle school requires mentors to sign agreements pushing abortion,
BLM, open borders, LGBTQ ideology

Government LAWS/Speech limits


Great to be White - Hate Crime
I hate whites - Not hate crime

Finally noticing the double standards and white demonisation ?


((Mark Zuckerberg))) admits limiting (Hunter Biden's) laptop story , Latest International News WION's-laptop-story---Latest-International-News---WION:d


Kentucky: Concern Over Anti-Semitic Incidents


30-45s - Ad - JoshwhoTV

Are you a edgy shitlord posting memes , making spicey comments
or uploading based video content or sick and tired of the BS
from Bigtech

Well JoshwhoTV is a place for you

JoshwhoTV offers actual Free Speech, ablity to comment
, livestream and host video chats for FREE

Unlike various other 'alt tech' such as GabTV , Crapchute
of Odysee

Joshwho is the only current platform that offers free speech
without bending over to govermental demands, offended snowflakes
or certain lobby groups

Join JoshwhoTV today ,

We use JoshwhoTV on the Alt Tech podcast
and so should you


BigTech/Social media/Alt Kike Platforms

* Elon Musk to Twitter employees:
it's essential to have free speech on platform'not-offending'-should-not-be-basis-of-moderation:3

as long as your 'vertifed' via the PHONE SMS NO and your """ ID ""

* Project Veritas released an 'leaked' video of ((( MUSK ))) with ((( TWATTER)) staff

Project Veritas - FULL CALL: Twitter All Hands with Elon Musk 16/June/2022

- Musk claims to want the (((Algorithm))) become open source and transparent
- Blue Check Mark verification via payment system - 3 bucks a month system
- Verified above non verified

#Twatter #Musk #censorship #platform #Free-speech #ShutItDown #Check-Mark

* Twatter leak , its all filled with bots
( RTP) Privacy & Tech Tips -

* 'Microsoft store ditchs mobi for epub’

Anti White Mainstream Media/Jewwood

Disney Channel star Stoney Westmoreland sentenced
for trying to arrange sex with 13-year-old

Tech - Hacked / Leaked

* LassPass got 'Hacked'

* Lass Pass Official -

* lass Pass Wiki Entry -

* Based Content Creator - MentalOutlaw Video
- LastPass Got Hacked, Time to Switch to KeePass,-time-to-switch-to:d

* Some random blog I came across on 24/may/2021 Discussing against using KeepPassXC ( I guess that didnt age well)

LassPass got 'Hacked' - Charliebrownau Recommended Solutions

- Never keep your data/important stuff on the Corporation "" Cloud ""
instead use smaller business / indie /group funded solutions or self hosting using OSS/FOSS

* Local + Next/own Cloud / rsync - KeepPassXC
* VeraCrypt Encrypted file File - Text/Markdown/etc
* Self Host BitWarden - VPS/Raspi/server/etc


KeepPassXC - Windows - -

KeepPassXC - Linux

VeraCrypt website -
VeraCrypt Windows -
VeraCrypt Linux -

Portable VeraCrypt - Windows -
Appimage Veracrypt - Linux -

use Appimage + Portableapps at your own risk
instead of 'official' distribution channels

(Saying that Ive never had issues with Portable apps
for Windows or appimages files on Linux)


30-45s - Ad - Jitsi Meet

Are you looking for a safe secure and transpant method
to video chat with friends, family and
content creation purposes

Well Jitsi Meet is a free open source method to create
live streams using a browser and webRTC

Jitsi Meet is an open source project available for everyone for free

Jitsi Meet has its own server at Jitsi website

JoshwhoTV offers a free jitsi meet room part of your joshwhoTV account

or you can self host your own server on a dedicated box, VPS or raspi

We use Jitsi Meet software at Alt Censored podcast
and so should you



Article - Best ways to securely erase your disk in linux

Video - Is FreeCAD 0.20 Still Fundamentally Broken?!

The ((( GNOME ))) Project Introduces a Telemetry Data Collection Tool

Peazip (made with pascal) new release v8.8.0
* Screenshot :
* Dissusion :

Peazip is also available for Windows via Portableapps also but its on v8.70

Video: Dealing with SSH keys and unlocking Encrypted LUX volumes
with Manjor Arch Linux( RTP Privacy and tech tips),:8

VLC Media Player (opensource software ) banned in India, website
and VLC download link blocked (2 months ago)

RustDesk - a free opensoruce remote software simular to those closed source offerings (eg teamviewer)

Grab Rusk desk via -
Video on censortube -
Video Shownotes which mentions how to install it via docker

IETF Draft: Centralization, Decentralization, and Internet Standards (

((( Wikimedia ))) Enterprise announces ((( Google ))) and Internet Archive as its first customers; allows new customers to self sign-up for free trials

"Code bloat has become astronomical"


Ad 2 -
30-45s - Ad - Delta Chat - Modern Instant Message Communications
with a secure encrypted and well tested backend

Delta chat looks like your modern chat programs
such as Telegram, Line, Whatsapp and Signal

Yet it uses Encrypted Email as the back end method
Decentralisation is the future via an anonymous encrypted
email account

Post memes, send small audio recordings , emojis
and troll the sheeple via Delta Chat

Delta Chat is available on Computer Operating platforms
Linux and Windows , Portable Surveillance Devices Android and iOS
and available as a portable program in the appimage format on Linux

Try it today
thats delta DOT chat




DIY Solar – Panel + Charge Controller + Wires + Invertor
“ DIY Solar Setup: Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Instructions “ (City Prepping)


* Unlock Frequencies On Baofeng UV-5R

* Ham Radio EmComm HF/VHF Test at 1,500 feet / 500m ( DX Commander),500:7

* Must Have Tools for Ham Radio Operators - Tools, Software and References for Ham Radio


* OpenFuge: An Open-source Centrifuge

* Foldscope + paperfuge
“ How to save 51 billion lives for 68 cents with simple Engineering
“ (Mark Rober)

Food :-
* Video - 7 Nutrients Found Only in MEAT (Plants DON'T Have This) -

Growing Food

organic - comost

Vertical Farming
Container Growing
Artifcal led lights

Meat – Mushroom , egg, herbs , spices

Multi Racial Diversity Enrichment via state Forced Integration

Diversity - Police: 21 Year old Black Son arrested after beating black mother to death with hammer -

Rantz: Seattle Fire chief bans 'brown out', pretends it's a racist term

Race Traitor toll paid
Black African cuts off White girls head, throws her in dumpster

London diversity stalked 121 victims and made a "rape list."

Nationalist Topic this week

Anti White EuroAsian Pusher Dugin daughter gets killed via carbomb

Apparently someone did a carbomp to kill Dugin but failed and got his daughter instead (kike anti white Commie scum in line with Putin)

Posted over on Masterdon

JQ pill:

* ((( Putin's))) latest woke multicult ad just dropped!
Mixed Pan Euroasian Asiatic Kalergi mutts are the future of Russia!
Video -

#Putin #Anti-White #Caveman-Nationalism #MultiRacial #Islam #Mass-Replacement #NWO #Agenda21 #ESG #2030 #Israel #Greater-Israel #belt-road #kike #goyimwillownnothingandbehappy #WEF


* Remove doco from the internet - Dispatches (Channel 4 2009) - Inside Britain's Israel Lobby's-Israel-Lobby---Dispatches,-Channel-4-(2009):5


“Genetics", DNA, and RNA- Webinar from August 26th, 2022
((( PCR / DNA / VIRUS’s )))

* Based robots
These robots were trained on AI.
They became ((( racist ))) and ((( sexist )))

" As part of a recent experiment, scientists asked specially
programmed robots to scan blocks with peoples’ faces on them,
then put the “criminal” in a box.
The robots repeatedly chose a block with a Black man’s face. "

Over and over, the robots responded to words like
“homemaker” (women) and “janitor” (non-white)
by choosing blocks with women and people of color.

* Based AI nutted
Reducing Bias and Improving Safety in DALL·E 2
(lol Gay-I Photoshop is about to get niggerfied)

they had to add black software engineers
should add unicorns too while they are at it
Always with the fagging up of every AI.
This is what will start the AI robot wars!

30-45s - Ad - Linux

Finally fed up with the bad shit with Windows or MacOSX
Dont want to be forced to use the cloud, email account
or paying a corporation software that tracks, logs
and insert ads

Wait no more , Linux is a free opensource operating system
that can run on a large variety of hardware

Infact Android is googles fork of Linux with its bloat and changes
for portable surveillance smart devices

Give Linux the pludge today via a Virtual Session software
such as Virtual box , test out various opensource programs on Windows

Grab a USB stick and backup that data, since it will be an adventure

We use Linux open source operating system at the Alt Censored podcast
and so should you

MGTOW/MRA/Wamans factor

Even wamans admitting marriage isnt worth it for males

Flat Earth

(((Owen Benjamin))) , (Crrow777) & (((Flat Earth Dave))) - Why it matters!,-Crrow777-DavidWeiss-WhyItMatters:d

Phenomenon Sun & Daylight (Phénomène de la lumière du jour)🔵☀%EF%B8%8F-Phénomène-de-la-lumière-du-jour:4

Video Flat Earth: Lockheed Martin flattens the Globe -- LEVEL EARTH OBSERVER

OLD WORLD/Mud Flood Reset

Old World Philadelphia, Fairmount Mounds, 1864⧸1876 Expo, Lenape ⧸ Susquehannock, Buried Streets,-Fairmount-Mounds,-1864⧸1876-Expo,-Lenape-⧸-Susquehannock,-Buried-Streets:7

The amazing Philipp Druzhinin

The amazing Justin Pawlak

Frequency and Sound

Singing bowl + water = video

Sound can
Show paterns
Show emotion


Ad - ALT DNS - DNS Watch

Cant view blocked content , national regime blocking your fav meme site
well then , you should use DNS Watch

DNS watch allows you to resolve those websites and ips that the current
occuption are attempting to prevent you seeing
Check out DNS watch for the IP4 and IP6 details

DNS should work with windows, linux, android and kodi tv box's thats

We use DNS watch at the Alt censored podcast and you should too


Josh and Charlie Talk about

Radio Frequencies including

* GMRS Radio

* LORA – Digital Texting 1 to 4km - 433MHZ

* Wireless Video Transmission - 915/836MHZ



Transmit 1-4km LOS
No tower
No extra repeater
LORA is copyright but uses 433MHZ
100mw to 1watt
Can be used for Drones instead of wifi 2.45/5ghz
Can be used for garage or farming situation

Video - Testing LoRa Transmission Range in an Urban Environment -

Buy lora off aliexpress here
- 433MHz LoRa SX1278 long range RF wireless module DRF1278F for arduino - USD$5
- Lilygo mestastic t-beam -
- Lilygo maxcounter -
- LORA ESP32 kit - AUD$21.28+$5.30 shipping -


Express LRS – Video Transmission
915mhz (USA/AU)
836mhz (EU)
1-10 watt – free to use
Video - BetaFPV Express LRS - 2.4Ghz Vs. 915MHz -


Boafang UV5R - VHF/UHF
- Amazon USA -
- Amazon UK -
- Aliexpress (International) -


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