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Shownotes - Alt Censored Podcast 006 - SHTF Edition
Date: - Monday 08 Aug 2022
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Alt Censored 005 Podcast - Sunday 10 July 2022 with Dissident Voices Solutions Segment
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Sunday 28 Aug 2022
Talking about Offgrid/off System Radio Commications, Guard Towers, Gibson Walls,
Moats, Lakeside Community Markets, toll bridges

I don't support
- Equal Opportunity
Its proper name is - EQUALITY OF OPPORTUNITY

It removes the business, community and peoples ability to choose who they wish to hire, associate and do business with
state force demands you allow yourself to consider hiring those who shouldn't be in your nation, community, family and circle of reach

Its another subversion to force non whites, gays and women into the white nation and goyim work force

Just as allowing women to work and vote de populates and subverts our nation and society
equality of opportunity was the first in many changes that ruined our white well being and white success
thus removed PROTECTIONISM systems in place, opening the door to ruin

Bigot, Discrimination , Xenophobe, all made up words to prevent us protecting our interests/nation/economy/business's/etc

Real Capitalism hasn't been attempted yet

What is Captialism ?

What Is Capitalism?
* ((( IMF ))) -
* (((WIKI))) -
* Investopedia -
* Britannica -
* The Balance -
* Combridge -
* Webster -

Is Capitalism :-
* Payment using State forced Banking/Currency
* State Forced Regulation
* State Forced Rules
* State Forced Safety
* State Forced Licenses

Is Capitalism :-
* State Forced Min wage
* State Forced Income Tax
* State Forced Wage Tax
* State Forced Payroll Tax

Is Capitalism :-
* State Forced Pregant Pay
* State Forced Holiday Pay
* State Forced Sick Pay

Is Capitalism :-
* State Forced Union Fees
* State Forced GST/VAT

Is Capitalism :-
* State mandated heath checks
* State mandated closing
* State Mandated surveillance
* policing laws for the state
#statism #government #force #mandate #captialism

I'm Allowed to Rob You! (Government/Statism/Taxation) (Larken Rose)
#Thief #Taxation #State #Statism #Government #Federal-Reserve #Moral-Right #Founding-Fathers

Recommended website


SHTF Edition


What is needed during SHTF/Wartime/grid down

Actual needs :-
Shelter + Safety/Protection
Warmth + Rest
Clean Water (not tap/not riversteam)
Cooking + Fire

We dont need :-
Electricity Grid + Overseas Manfactoring
Microwave/Computers/Mobile Phones
Internet / TV / Big Hospitals / Univerities
Cities / Corporations / State Goverment

Everything can be done at Local and District Level

What builds a Community
* Commonality
* Trust
* Idenity
* Working together
* Commication
* Shared Values
* Acting as a collective community
* High Trust
* Low Crime

Gibbson Wall/Stone Wall
Wood Firecube + Mud

Direct Water Heating - Pipe/Sun
Rocket Stove

* No Sugar
* No Carbs
* No Bread/Rice/Wheat
* No Processed Food
* No softdrink/beer/wine/smokes

- Bok Choy / Broccoli / Kale / Cabbage / Mushroom / Celery / Cucumber
- Red + White Meat + Eggs

Local Farm, Vermaponics/Aquaponics, Container Farming, Underground Cave,etc

Raising meat - Gunini Pig, Dove/Pideon , Quail , Wabbits
- Pig, Cow, Chicken
- fish/frogs



USA goverment has a SHTF Gobag prepare website

Free list PDF

USA Goverment (FEMA) recommends wood gasifer

amazing homemade gasifier uses wood pellets to run generator -- renewable alternative energy video
" Gasifier uses wood pellets to create flammable mixture that a generator can run on without gasoline. "


* How to Make 6 Different Bushcraft Traps (Nomadic Woodsman)

* Simplest DIY Spring Snare Trap - Bushcraft Small Game Trap
( Great Lakes Prepping)

* How to Make a Basic SNARE Trap with Paracord or Wire - Catch Your Own Survival Food
( Ultimate Survival Tips)

* How To Make a Trap Survival Trapping Wildlife
( khim sophorn )

Long term egg
How to store meat and eggs
for an survial cache/gobag
Could also help for brown out/no power

Salt Cured Egg Yolks

Dehydrating and Freeze Drying Eggs for Long Term Storage

130 MAKING POWDERED EGGS [365 Survival]

DIY Herbs

* Video - Multivitamin Herbs for SHTF

* Discover How Easy Off Grid Herbs for Preppers Are
(Ethical Preparedness)

* SHTF Wild Herb Identification Series: Mullein (Freda)

* In a SHTF Situation - Herbal Recipes From Our Ancestors
(Alternative Medicine)

( Homesteading Family )

* St. John's Wort - Treat Depression with This Natural Medicinal Herb

* How to: Make Dandelion Tea (Hidden Thicket)

DIY Soap - Charcoal

Charcoal Soap Making | Drop Swirl

Essential Oil Blend for Fragrance:
Rosemary - 4 parts
Peppermint - 1 part

How to Make Charcoal Facial Soap - Natural Skincare | Bramble Berry

HOW I MAKE SOAP - WITH RECIPE / activated charcoal / Jerika Zimmerman

This peculiar ingredient makes handmade soap extra luxurious

how to make aloe vera handmade soap, cold process

All Natural Soap - Carrot, Turmeric and Honey

SHTF Bread

Sorghum non gluten floor that can be baked (Keto Bread)
or use for animal feed

Video - The Fastest Growing Plant I Have Ever Grown | Sorghum Sudangrass Cover Crop

Video - A Must Grow Plant for Anyone with the Goal of A Self Sufficient Food Supply

Article: Bioenergy sorghum’s roots can replenish carbon in soil


Making Sorghum Molasses

Sorghum- The Best Backyard Grain. Episode 21, Explosive Metabolism

Simple Sorghum Sourdough Gluten-Free Bread

Solar Stove + Reflector
Solar Oven

Wood Fire
Wood Stove

Rocket Fire
Rocket Stove

DIY Methaine Gas Stove
DIY stored Gas

* Hand Tools
* Battery converted to Direct Solar
* Foot/Cycle Powered -
* Compressed Air tools

* Video - Foot powered bandsaw!

Off System Grid Power Solutions
* DIY Wind Turbine & Direct Solar + Supercaps
* Rocket Stove
* BBQ/Camp stoves - 8.5kg Gas/Wood/DIY Gas
* Candles
* Compressed air tools + hand tools
* Generators fueled by - Compressed air , wood gas , diy methane , 100% Ethanol
* Direct Solar with buckconvert no batteries
#Alt-power #DIY #SHTF #Survival #off-grid
#Wind #Solar #Water #Gas #Bio-Digester

SHTF Defense

* Sheild + Body Armor

* Bow + Crossbow

* Knife/Pole

* Compressed Air Rifle/Pistol

* Stun Gun/Stun Taser

Stun Gun
Prepper Vid - Get These 7 Tools Before They Are ILLEGAL

State Gov Defense "LAWS"

Is it legal to have a taser in Queensland?

At-a-glance: Taser use in Australia

Push to legalise Tasers for self-defence in Australia

Police chief worried about stun gun imports

The one place in Australia where it's legal to have pepper spray for self-defence

Should Australian women be allowed to carry tasers and pepper spray?

Australian Police

Find Law Australia - Self Defense Common Law

Air Rifle USA
Benjamin Bulldog .457 PCP Air Rifle Breakdown
( pyramydair )

Benjamin Bulldog .357 PCP Bullpup Review
( Shooter1721 / Airguns )

Hand-Pump a Benjamin Bulldog 357
- No Need for PCP Air Compressor?
( Kevin at BCH )

Felon Self Defense! Benjamin Bulldog .357 PCP Air Rifle!
( Johnathan Morris )

I killed 4 hogs in 1 minute! | Air Venturi Avenger Review and Hunt
( Keith Warren Hunting )

Sport/TOY Guns

Gel Blasters




* Video - Tutorial - How to Install LibreWolf Browser on Linux - 04/Aug/2022 (Charliebrownau)
#LibreWolf #Browser #Linux #Software #Open-source #Privacy #Security #Based #Tutorial

* TTOR - The Register Promotes Censorship Of ''Toxic'' People On (((GitHub)))
Video -
Video - -
#The-Register #Mainstream #Github #Source-code #Opensource
#Close-it-down #Censorship #No-Criticism

* Peppermint OS Now Offers Devuan-Based ISOs for Software Freedom Lovers

The Peppermint OS team announced the release of their first ISO images based on the Devuan GNU/Linux distribution for software freedom lovers and non-systemd users.
Since early June 2022, the Peppermint OS devs have teased us with a new version of the GNU/Linux distribution based on the acclaimed Devuan GNU/Linux operating system,
which is also derived from Debian GNU/Linux but ships without the ((( controversial systemd ))) init system
and only provides free software.

'Matrix' Network Hits 60 Million Users, Improving the Demand for Decentralized Communication

Watch Twitch from CLI
Watch and browse Twitch without proprietary JavaScript and without being tracked

How do you remove Pride Flag from Windows task bar.

New Audio Plugin Standard, CLAP, Offers Open Source Alternative To VST & AU
Disussed Clap: The New Audio Plug-In Standard (
Solution - LV2 - Free open source standard to replace VST's without RUST -

Tech Company Slack Bans Neo Conservative Group from Using its Platform

Solution - IRC + XMPP + Delta chat
and Mattermost -
img of mattermost -
someones blog -

Nokia forces a small open-source project named Notkia to change name

Asus adds Quad9 Support by default to it's routers dns settings

Post Market OS firmware migrating from Gitlab to Sourcehut
(self hating white international commie)

Organic Maps: Offline Hike, Bike, Trails and Navigation

Mullvad VPN now offering DNS service with blocking

Denmark Bans Chromebooks, Google Workspace In Schools Over Data Transfer Risks

Drip - An open source period tracker for women! (Android + F Droid)

RISC-V Linux on ESP32

Eyoyo 5 Inch HDMI Monitor Small Portable Display 800x480 AUD$61 free shipping

DIY Android Auto Raspberry PI Head Unit, Rear View Camera, Navigation & Music
Video - (Everlanders)
Raspberry Pi with OpenAuto -

Allegedly WPS Office encrypts/deletes user files with contents deemed sensitive by Chinese government (developed by Zhuhai-based Chinese software developer Kingsoft)

CP/M is open-source now

How to build an Z80 computer (CPM/Basic)
Video - part 01 - Steve Rayner -
Video - Part 05 - Doctor Volt - Homemade Z80 Computer with CP/M #5: Boot From CompactFlash Card
Video - Build an 8-bit retro computer powered by a Z80 ! [Zeal 8-bit]
Video - Hand-Wired Z80 Basic Computer -
Video - The 8-Bit Manshed -


More Diversity enriching White Nations
Black African cooking cat in street of Italy (Previously White Nation),-somewhere-in-italy:7

* M&S to stop sale of disposable barbecues in all UK stores

* South Korea - Minimum wage increases lead to replacing cashiers with machines:
convenience store owners

* Women FINALLY facing the same EQUAL TREATMENT and direct CONSEQUENCES for their own actions
Dollar General Employee shoots African Woman after getting beat up by her.
#Multi-racialism #African #Nigger #Beat #Consequences #equal-treatment

* Red Head female arrested traveling from AU to USA
‘Have you recently had an abortion?’ Australian transiting through US questioned then deported
Madolline Gourley says she was on her way to Canada for a holiday when US immigration officials intervened

* Video - Non-German Diversifiers Responsible For Disproportionate Violent Crime In Germany (Stuart Oswald)

* 3d printing Gun community moved to ((( MATRIX )))

* UK finally points out that regulations produce often moronic results, like cookie acceptance pop-ups on every site.

*Trump social update
Former US President Donald Trump's social network, Truth Social,
is based on Mastodon; however,
it initially did not make its source code available,
violating Mastodon's AGPLv3 license.
After (((Eugen Rochko))) sent a formal letter to Truth Social's chief legal officer on 26 October 2021,
[57] Truth Social published its source code on 12 November 2021

Trump in Davos with WEF + Agenda21 2030
(Goyim will own nothing and be happy)

#Trump #MAGA #Kike #Traitor #GOP #Uniparty
#Fourth-Industrial-Revolution #Klaus-Schwab #WEF
#Agenda21 #Liberal-World-Order #NWO #Davos #2030



* Unity (gaming company) merges with ((( IronSource )))

* Steam Deck - Reserve Steam Deck now in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong via Komodo - Steam News

* ((( YouTube ))) announces ((( abortion ))) ((( censorship )))
( RT ) -
((( Twatter))) -
" Abortion has been added to topics YouTube will police under its “misinformation” banner "

* ((( Uber ))) Files: Massive leak reveals how top ((( politicians ))) secretly helped Uber

* Neuralink Cofounder Leaves as Brain Company Descends Into Chaos
((( mainstream ))) (((corporation))) putting a chip inside goyim , what could go wrong

* Ikea to launch a second hand online-marketplace for Australians

* Period tracker Stardust sells users’ data
after claiming to be a “women-owned, privacy-first” period tracking app

* Amazon admits to handing Ring doorbell videos over to police without user permission

((( Molliza ))) going full Anti white and International 'leftist'
- Bridget Todd, the new host of Mozilla’s IRL podcast, on online communities,
The X-Files & raising marginalized voices

* Video:
All Fortune 100 Companies Fall to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! (RGE)
#ESG #NWO #2030 #Agenda21 #DEI #WEF #Great-Reset #Plandemic
#Corporations #Diversity #Inclusion #AffirmAction #Feminism #Commies
#Statism #Race #Idenity #Internationalism #Queer #LGBT #Eat-Bugs

* Netflix loses another million customers from April to July

* Shopify donated USD$1m to ((( RUBY )))

Tesla lays off head of LGBTQ+ and diversity lead During Pride



* Sing Song Time
No Russian Ever Called Me a Cracker - Original Song

#Anti-White #White-Guilt #White-Blame #White-Shame
#ItsOKAYtobeWHITE #Red-pill #Based
#Egalitarianism #Statism #UN #Agenda21 #2030 #wef

One nation Party in Australia
that was considered 'racist' and advocated for asians to move back to asia
now supports the 'offical' 'defination' of 'anti semeticism'

'Rumble CEO ((( Chris Pavlovski )))
" Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski told me that the platform does not allow racism or antisemitism "

Questioning Holocaust Criminalized in Canada - Bill C19 Passed

The White Race Is Being Destroyed By Design, The Culture, The Economy, Everything, And It's Racist Or Antisemitic To Say
#White-Shame #White-Blame #White-Guilt
#White-Replacement #Mass-Migration #Diversity
#feminism #Nofaultdivorce #Liberalism
#Democracy #Abortion #Multi-racialism

NZ PM welcomes Facebook bans on white nationalism, separatism
Facebook bans white nationalism, separatism

Blog - Theoccidentalobserver - 19 July 2022
- The Cuckoo Cult: Mainstream Christianity Is Now an Implacable Enemy of the White West

Student Asks Indian "American" - "Who is Behind the Propaganda Against White Europeans & White Demographic Replacement?"
#Bankers #EverySingleTime #Choose-Parasite #Multiculturalism #Democracy #Statism #internationalism #protected-group

How the Jews took over China and Created chinese communism - 18 July 2021 document.pdf

For Whites Only: This California Pagan Church Worships Thor And The Protection Of White People

((( ALT KIKE Censorship)))
Gab/AT just deleted the page of 4chan hacking the (((ADL))) site

Who Brought the Slaves to America? - by Walter White Jr.
- (GDL) [JoshwhoTV]
#GDL #Goyim #Jewish-Slave-Trade #Rum #Subvert #Lies #depiction
#Africans #Blacks #Low-iq #Zionism #Israel #Jews #Judaism #mainstream #every-single-time #coverup

Video platform Rumble announces "open-source" free speech rules


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